Get Free - Episode 1


Sound Engineering: Bryan Pugh
Studio/Mics: Chris Moore
Intro Music: csus
Intro Voiceover: Pedro Vivas Hernandez
Intro Editing: Brian Hill
Sound Effects: Free, Youtube Audio Effects Library
Media Clips: NYS DOCCS, MA DOC, NY1, COBA, CBS Chicago
Photos: Joel Caldwell
Promotional Video: Nasrene Haj


2:07: The singing of "Rikers Island" comes from a New York City Corrections graduation ceremony presided over by Mayor Bill de Blasio. This song was how the largest graduating class in the history of the Department of Corrections responded to the mayor asking them to close the facility:

2:37: The stated goal of the department of corrections comes directly from the New York State DOCCS mission statement:

2:38: The oath of office, which here interpolates the DOCCS mission statement, comes from the same graduation ceremony presided over by Mayor de Blasio (it is important to note, since throughout this episode these agencies are juxtaposed, that NYS DOCCS and NYC DOC are two separate agencies):

3:28: The sounds of COs chanting comes from the same graduation ceremony.


4:37: Mayor de Blasio's remarks about "the right thing to do" and "it's gonna change lives" come earlier in the graduation ceremony cited above, prior to the COs chanting and singing the Rikers Island song after he finishes his remarks.

6:10: The decline in the NYS corrections population and concomitant increase in funding comes from this City Limits article by Ken Stier:

8:10: Data showing prison education programs cause recidivism rates to decline from 40-70% down to 2.5% comes from the Bard Prison Initiative website: 

8:18: Only 1,000 of 53,000 inmates participating in prison education programs each year comes from a New York Times editorial:

9:20: The state adding $292m worth of COs and overtime while prison pop is in decline comes from the same City Limits article by Ken Stier.

11:37: Get Free Podcast website:

12:27: Bureau of Justice Assistance study showing suspects in police killings have multiple prior arrests and convictions, showing that system's repeated failures to invest in programming proven to reduce recidivism is putting law enforcement officers in direct danger:

13:37: MA increasing number of COs, CO salaries, and cutting reentry programming while prison population is in decline comes from this article by Bruce Mohl:

14:53: NYC budget increases 44% despite inmate population declining to lowest point in more than 30 years comes from an article by Zolan Kanno-Youngs:

15:11: More uniformed COs in jails than inmates for second consecutive year (prior to city hiring largest class of new COs in city history) comes from the same WSJ article by Zolan Kanno-Youngs. 

19:07: Clip of COs chanting is from the same NYC DOC graduation ceremony linked to above.