Get Free - Episode 2


Sound Engineering: Bryan Pugh
Studio/Mics: Chris Moore
Intro Music: csus
Intro Voiceover: Pedro Vivas Hernandez
Intro Editing: Brian Hill
Sound Effects: Free, Youtube Audio Effects Library
Media Clips: ABC News10 Schenectady, C-Span, The Guardian US/Cities, ABC2 WMAR Baltimore, ChicagoCopMedia, TNT, CBS2 NYC, 
Photos: Joel Caldwell
Promotional Video: Nasrene Haj


03:42: The Hillary Clinton "superpredator" remarks come from this 1996 Keene State University speech:

05:56: Boston and Chicago began experimenting with alternatives to policing:,

06:57: Boston went 29 months without a teenager shot to death:

07:57: Chicago saw reductions in gun violence up to 73%:

07:59: Baltimore's McElderry Park saw 22 months without a gun homicide:

08:08: Safe Streets mediations:

08:59: Chicago gun violence:

09:37: Chicago PD Promotional Video:

10:10: Boston's Finest trailer:

11:01: Boston slated to lay off 200 patrol officers, and cut program in January 2000:

12:48: Boston Police budget around ~$300m annually (which I believe excludes salary obligations of retired officers):

12:55: Boston Police clearing 4% of nonfatal shooting cases:

Baltimore Police budget ~$500m annually:!/year/2018/operating/0/service/Safe+Neighborhoods/0/department

Baltimore Police current-year homicide clearance rate ~25% (Note how hard they have made it to arrive at this calculation):

Chicago Police Budget ~$1.5bn annually:

Chicago Police homicide clearance rate ~20%:

15:48: NYPD promotional video featuring James Earl Jones

16:11: Baltimore homicides by year:

16:13: Chicago homicides by year:

17:23: Mayor and City Council give NYPD 1200 new officers:

18:15: If you don't go along with this, and give us more officers, we will quit: