One is from New York. The other is from Boston. One ran the streets of Brooklyn. The other ran a criminal courtroom. They both tried to change the system...they both failed. Now they’re teaming up to share their stories, talk about the lessons they have learned, and use their experiences to help us break free from the systems that are holding us down.


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The NY DOC’s stated mission is to “address inmates’ needs and prepare them for release.” Co-host Steph Rucker spent 8 years upstate and in all that time not a single person told him pay phones had become extinct and cell phones now had touch screens. In Episode One Steph and Bobby explore whether DOC’s mission is to rehabilitate or if something else is going on. 



TW: Graphic depictions of gun violence, police activity

In 2016, co-host Steph Rucker was ambushed from behind and shot in the back. Thankfully, he survived and made a full recovery. In Episode Two, Steph tells this story and Bobby and Steph explore why cities and states are defunding programs proven to prevent this kind of violence, resulting in thousands of preventable gun deaths every year.

Photo by: Joel Caldwell



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